Thomas F. Updike , Ph.D.

Tom Updike Chief Vision Officer
Recovery Innovations

Thomas F. Updike, Ph.D., joined Recovery Innovations in 2011 as the Chief Vision Officer.

Dr. Updike has over 45 years of professional experience ranging from direct clinical services to senior executive management and leadership positions of non-profit as well as for profit organizations. Dr. Updike founded several commercial companies providing long term managed care as well as tele-medicine services nationwide. He has served as the Governor’s Appointee heading Mental Health and Substance Abuse in several states. He is a proven leader and is skilled in developing boards of directors, strategic planning committees and community collaborations.  Dr. Updike’s personal qualities of patience and warmth, exceptional work ethics and inspiring energy, along with his decisive and purposeful leadership style are congruent with the philosophy and core values which support the goal of Recovery Innovations and their mission to “…create opportunities and environments that empower people to recover, to succeed in accomplishing their goals and to reconnect to themselves, others and meaning and purpose in life.”  As the Chief Vision Officer, Dr. Updike collaborates and unites various agencies and organizations to succeed in accomplishing the Recovery Innovations mission.


Dr. Updike earned his bachelor of science degree in biochemistry from the University of Virginia, his master of science degree in rehabilitation counseling from Virginia Commonwealth University, his doctorate degree in counseling with cognate in psychology and human medicine from Michigan State University, and has extensive post-graduate education from Harvard University, University of Virginia, Rice University, University of Richmond and New York University  Post Graduate School of Medicine in the areas of executive leadership, mental health, forensic psychiatry, geriatrics, emergency services, fund raising and quality assurance.