Ann MacNeil

TBARecovery Services Administrator
Recovery Innovations of Arizona

My conscientiousness was compromised at a young age. Alternative lives and risky behaviors was my way of expressing the loss of conscientiousness. Only in my late 30’s did I realize healing was possible.  Once that occurred, I was consumed with the desire to learn how to heal. At that time my work path changed from the stressful fast paced world of staffing to one less stressful, serving people who were experiencing homelessness. Working with people to prepare to go to work gave me intense joy. My staffing industry experience now made sense.

The successful employment outcomes with people experiencing homelessness led me to meet people working in the Behavioral Health System. An Economic Development position was designed for me to help the behavioral system assist people being served to improve financially. After five years of Economic Development, the Recovery Innovations opportunity to manage a Wellness City was available. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of a place called “Wellness City.”

My path of service continues by supporting people to identify their strengths and finding their inspiration. Recovery Innovations is the next step in my evolution of healing. Not only does the organization promote mental health, they promote a healing workplace. The opportunity to apply my “never seen the box” creativity is now available.

Thank you for reading and I wish you wellness.